Excellent article and well worth the read. I am sure that the book Assimilate or Go Home is equally as good, which I just ordered.
Love Rocks
This story strikes a nerve as Barberry Village complex provides good memories. In the late 1990s, while I was a minister at Metro Church of Christ, we had ESL teams that would help individuals learn English in the complex. The men and women wanted to learn English and worked hard at their jobs to provide for their families. I remember meeting with some in their homes to discuss the courses while matching them with teachers. I had always heard it was a high crime area, we only live a few blocks away, but I always felt safe. Allyn Bradley and the Rockwood campus along with Scott Bradley and the AS IS church served in the complex with other ministry families to reach children, parents, and new families. Michael Frost also wrote about Barberry Village and some of the young couples ministering to those in this complex in his book The Road to Missional. This has always been a place where families work together to promote peace and community.
Now, progress is taking over peace. Finances trump faith. Cost overcomes compassion. We have seen this coming to our neighborhood but maybe it is time for us all to fight for people, especially in our neighborhoods.