19Apr 2019

Before the eggs, presents, candy, brunches, new clothes, bonnets, and bunnies Easter was celebrated over a span of time. The darkest day of this season was the Friday before Easter—oddly known as Good Friday. Unlike Black Friday—this day didn’t kick off a major event—it put a screeching halt to the season. It is the day […]

14Mar 2019

Every year Lori and I stand before Agape and read this “Ethical Conduct” agreement with our church. Our church planting organization, Kairos Church Planting, has encouraged ministers/leaders to do this each year. We continue to support our existing leaders, interns, and others in leadership to take this similar covenant before their people. Covenants are important–they remind […]

01Feb 2019

Photo Taken from The Facebook Page Karl Barth for Dummies. I took a nine-year break from refereeing wrestling. I had worked with high school and youth wrestling for seven years before moving to Portland and officiating for ten years. Because all three boys had busy schedules, I took a break. Now seemed like a good […]

07Dec 2018

Presence: The Promised Presence Today we begin our Advent Conspiracy. As I mentioned during communion, we are encouraging everyone to give “one gift less” and offer the money we save as a collection that will go to help others. %75 will go to Living Water International and %25 will be given to the Gateway Domestic […]

05Nov 2018

Resistance: Jesus’ Call to the Church Conversion, Transformation, and Salvation as Resistance Good morning—thank you for the prayers. As you probably know, the surgery went well and my little tumor unwillingly left my body Monday morning. I don’t think it wanted to leave to easily, but it is gone and my doctors prevailed. These last […]