16Jan 2018

A man stands before a congregation, confesses sexual sin in his past, and receives a standing ovation. Last Sunday, Andy Savage confessed sexual misconduct from years past and received tremendous support for his actions. Yet there was little, if any, attempt to discuss repentance, making amends to victims, or providing support to his known victim. […]

18Nov 2017

Associating with the Humiliated paper delivered in the Homiletics and Bible session at Boston, Sunday 4pm. Paper is here Powerpoint presentation here

06Nov 2017

The Arabic letter “nun” which has been used to identify Christians as “Nazarenes” Yesterday we spent the morning praying for the globally persecuted church. Christians throughout the world, along with many other people and faiths, are abused because of their beliefs and faith practices. We watched video clips from those in China, Nigeria, Iraq, and […]