15Mar 2017

For the past six years, I have been donating plasma, twice per week, at my local center. I began donating because one of the staff attended our church and made a plea that we consider participating—not only for the money but in order to meet people who might need to talk about God.  See more […]

24Oct 2016

September 1983 I was attending the University of Missouri School of Veterinary medicine. I was way over my head and struggling in my classes. I was dating a young lady and not being the guy God had called me to be. One night an Engineering major (Marc Sullivan) knocked on my door and invited me […]

23Sep 2016

Excellent article and well worth the read. I am sure that the book Assimilate or Go Home is equally as good, which I just ordered. I Moved to the Edge of Portland to Help Refugees But I Can’t Afford to Live Here Anymore This story strikes a nerve as Barberry Village complex provides good memories. […]

12Aug 2016

I have had to take an amount of time to think about the many recent murders that have happened since Orlando, Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas. I have sometimes thought that this started at Ferguson, Baltimore, and Chicago—however my friends who are people of color have reminded me that this began centuries before that. I […]