05Nov 2018

Resistance: Jesus’ Call to the Church Conversion, Transformation, and Salvation as Resistance Good morning—thank you for the prayers. As you probably know, the surgery went well and my little tumor unwillingly left my body Monday morning. I don’t think it wanted to leave to easily, but it is gone and my doctors prevailed. These last […]

24Oct 2018

In early September, 1983, an Engineering student at the University of Missouri decided to invite 100 people, in his dormitory, to a Bible study. It was 35 years ago when he began knocking 100 doors that evening. The last door he came to at the end of the hall on the first floor was mine. […]

15Oct 2018

Resistance: Jesus’ Call for the Church Communion as Resistance September 30 As we continue this series on resistance, we have discussed that the early Christians were called by Jesus to “resist” the dominant Empire of their land. Jesus lived during the days of occupied Palestine, meaning that Rome ruled the area and placed the people […]

08Oct 2018

Resistance: Jesus’ Call to the Church Worship Jesus as Resistance September 16 Last week we began our series concerning the calling of Christians/the church, to be a form of resistance in their world. We began the series by sharing that “Jesus is Lord…” was comparable to stating “Jesus is Caesar.” The terms used of Caesar […]

01Oct 2018

Resistance: The Call of the Church Jesus is Caesar: Called to Resist September 9 : Click to Listen to Sermon Today we begin our series discussing the early church as a community of resistance. When we think of resistance, we might find that people have different perspectives on the meaning of this word. If you […]