16May 2018

. Olympic figure skater and Dancing with the Stars contestant Adam Rippon recently made critical comments concerning former Olympic figure skater and DWTS contestant Tonya Harding. The comments, while understood to critique Harding’s participation in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan resulting from being banned from Olympic figure skating, have, in my opinion, set our work […]

07May 2018

Covenants are as ancient as the world itself. From the beginning of the new world (post flood) God made a covenant with humans and creation. The Hebrew word BRT suggests a contract, agreement, relationship, and promise. It involved at least two parties and required commitment from both. While some today might suggest that a covenant […]

16Jan 2018

A man stands before a congregation, confesses sexual sin in his past, and receives a standing ovation. Last Sunday, Andy Savage confessed sexual misconduct from years past and received tremendous support for his actions. Yet there was little, if any, attempt to discuss repentance, making amends to victims, or providing support to his known victim. […]