29Jul 2016

I recently passed my 54th birthday. This means I have been alive since John F Kennedy’s presidency and began my voting days during the Reagan vs Carter election. I grew up in a home that was conservative yet interested in what happened politically. I remember hearing my parents talk about the elections as a child […]

23May 2016

Years ago a young Portland State University student, Kelsey Testerman, was brought to Agape by a friend. She stuck with us. She was active with our college group, children’s ministry, Agape Blitz teams, and downtown home communities. She was one of those who came to us with two goals–she was going to be a Christian […]

27Apr 2016

The picture in this post is a reminder to me that as a minister, as well as a Christian father and husband, I am not only called to wrestle against evil—but enlist others in that same battle. While American Christianity has sounded various battle cries such as “Don’t Judge!” or “Preach God’s Love!” and “We […]

18Jan 2016

I am writing this post as an outsider looking into a world view that is vastly different from mine. I have to admit, I am a white, middle-class, highly educated, male who has been raised in that environment. I don’t apologize for being that person, but admit I have a privileged perspective on life. Over […]

14Dec 2015

  Dec 20: The Spirit Comes…Joel 2:28-32; Acts 2:17-21  Sermon The prophet Joel spoke during a time when Jerusalem’s impending doom lay around the corner. He spoke as if he could see the clouds of a great storm moving over a valley. Like a weather forecaster he not only spoke as if the destruction from […]

07Dec 2015

  Dec 13: A Renewed Relationship…Jeremiah 31:31-34; Luke 22:14-22 Sermon Communion is not only a celebration of a relationship of Jesus, but a renewed covenant with God. The Judaite community, while in Babylon, were given the promise of return. While God was with them in captivity, the promise was that they would have a “renewed” […]