24Oct 2016

September 1983 I was attending the University of Missouri School of Veterinary medicine. I was way over my head and struggling in my classes. I was dating a young lady and not being the guy God had called me to be. One night an Engineering major (Marc Sullivan) knocked on my door and invited me […]

23Sep 2016

Excellent article and well worth the read. I am sure that the book Assimilate or Go Home is equally as good, which I just ordered. I Moved to the Edge of Portland to Help Refugees But I Can’t Afford to Live Here Anymore This story strikes a nerve as Barberry Village complex provides good memories. […]

12Aug 2016

I have had to take an amount of time to think about the many recent murders that have happened since Orlando, Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas. I have sometimes thought that this started at Ferguson, Baltimore, and Chicago—however my friends who are people of color have reminded me that this began centuries before that. I […]

29Jul 2016

I recently passed my 54th birthday. This means I have been alive since John F Kennedy’s presidency and began my voting days during the Reagan vs Carter election. I grew up in a home that was conservative yet interested in what happened politically. I remember hearing my parents talk about the elections as a child […]

23May 2016

Years ago a young Portland State University student, Kelsey Testerman, was brought to Agape by a friend. She stuck with us. She was active with our college group, children’s ministry, Agape Blitz teams, and downtown home communities. She was one of those who came to us with two goals–she was going to be a Christian […]

27Apr 2016

The picture in this post is a reminder to me that as a minister, as well as a Christian father and husband, I am not only called to wrestle against evil—but enlist others in that same battle. While American Christianity has sounded various battle cries such as “Don’t Judge!” or “Preach God’s Love!” and “We […]