Church Growth

The Arabic letter “nun” which has been used to identify Christians as “Nazarenes” Yesterday we spent the morning praying for the globally persecuted church. Christians throughout the world, along with many other people and faiths, are abused because of their beliefs and faith practices. We watched video clips from those in China, Nigeria, Iraq, and […]

Allegiance: The Book of Hebrews for Today Example from Endurance Hebrews 10:1-39 As we continue in our series on the Book of Hebrews we have crossed the halfway mark. For the first three weeks, we discussed how the Hebrew writer was attempting to motivate the readers to grow while standing firm in their faith. We […]

Excellent article and well worth the read. I am sure that the book Assimilate or Go Home is equally as good, which I just ordered. I Moved to the Edge of Portland to Help Refugees But I Can’t Afford to Live Here Anymore This story strikes a nerve as Barberry Village complex provides good memories. […]

Nov 8 = A Change of Heart (Matt 21:28-32) Theme = Repentance, loyalty, service/work For many years I would distribute articles written by Child Magazine along with other Faith development resources that I had read in the 1990s. Then, the research suggested that children who were active in faith communities and worship, along with their […]

Nov 1 = Come to Work (Matt 20:1-16) Theme = Acceptance, forgiveness, empowerment In this story Jesus claimed that “the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire people.” Jesus used many parables to describe the kingdom of heaven. They involved people working common, menial jobs. The […]

  Recently I saw a post where Glenn Beck indicated that Portland was one of the cities in the US to avoid. His article indicates that this city would be considered “godless” since we have one of the highest “Unaffiliated” rates for Christian beliefs. While the unaffiliated statistics are true, I wonder (as a minister […]

Another Possibility to the Decline in Churches Over the past few decades I have been aware of the research, writings, and cyber posts concerning the decline of Christianity in North America. The research and statistics have been compelling and it is clear that the numbers of Christians in the United States continues to decline rapidly, […]