For the past six years, I have been donating plasma, twice per week, at my local center. I began donating because one of the staff attended our church and made a plea that we consider participating—not only for the money but in order to meet people who might need to talk about God.  See more […]

The picture in this post is a reminder to me that as a minister, as well as a Christian father and husband, I am not only called to wrestle against evil—but enlist others in that same battle. While American Christianity has sounded various battle cries such as “Don’t Judge!” or “Preach God’s Love!” and “We […]

I am writing this post as an outsider looking into a world view that is vastly different from mine. I have to admit, I am a white, middle-class, highly educated, male who has been raised in that environment. I don’t apologize for being that person, but admit I have a privileged perspective on life. Over […]

  Dec 13: A Renewed Relationship…Jeremiah 31:31-34; Luke 22:14-22 Sermon Communion is not only a celebration of a relationship of Jesus, but a renewed covenant with God. The Judaite community, while in Babylon, were given the promise of return. While God was with them in captivity, the promise was that they would have a “renewed” […]

Nov 8 = A Change of Heart (Matt 21:28-32) Theme = Repentance, loyalty, service/work For many years I would distribute articles written by Child Magazine along with other Faith development resources that I had read in the 1990s. Then, the research suggested that children who were active in faith communities and worship, along with their […]

Guest Post from Rhonda Case from Spiritual Alliance To Stop Intimate Violence Thank you for visiting Agape and sharing your work with the community.