Social Justice

Reposted from Huffington Post: Recently I was invited by a community advocate to a PUAH meeting (Portland United Against Hate). As a minister, being involved in community work is an important calling that Jesus has given both Lori and I. However, it is easy to become involved in so many works/organizations, that one can neglect […]

For the past six years, I have been donating plasma, twice per week, at my local center. I began donating because one of the staff attended our church and made a plea that we consider participating—not only for the money but in order to meet people who might need to talk about God.  See more […]

Excellent article and well worth the read. I am sure that the book Assimilate or Go Home is equally as good, which I just ordered. I Moved to the Edge of Portland to Help Refugees But I Can’t Afford to Live Here Anymore This story strikes a nerve as Barberry Village complex provides good memories. […]

I am writing this post as an outsider looking into a world view that is vastly different from mine. I have to admit, I am a white, middle-class, highly educated, male who has been raised in that environment. I don’t apologize for being that person, but admit I have a privileged perspective on life. Over […]

Nov 1 = Come to Work (Matt 20:1-16) Theme = Acceptance, forgiveness, empowerment In this story Jesus claimed that “the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire people.” Jesus used many parables to describe the kingdom of heaven. They involved people working common, menial jobs. The […]

Oct 11 = LOST in the Margins (Matt 18:10-14) Theme = Forgiveness, Outreach, Love, Loyalty Deidox Video: A Police Officer Is Called to Those on the Margins Sermon Matthew and Luke vary slightly in their retelling of these stories. Note—Jesus would not have told a story only once—but, as with any ancient storyteller, would have […]