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Agape Blitz Flyer 2019 is now completed. This year we continued to build new tiny home/house communities for the growing houseless population in our city in the new Agape Village. Since 2017 Portland has declared homelessness as “a crisis,” offering permission for agencies and groups to provide diverse solutions to this crisis. Agape has worked with other agencies since 2008, to develop existing and new communities through designing, building, and installing PODS/Tiny Houses for shelter and community. Blitz 2019 teams worked at Agape Village alongside residents and other agency volunteers. Read the Agape Blitz 2019 Newsletter.

The new community is called Agape Village. Agape Village is now a non-profit and will be constructed through multiple agencies on the property of Central Nazarene Church. Over 200 volunteers from 8 states (10 churches and 2 organizations) participated in this community project. Thank you to all who joined us in this vision–and will help us build new villages in Portland and the Metro Area.

Our plan is to begin a new village in 2020. Please join us next summer.


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Recent article by Portland State University and their Architecture team of students planning to join us.

KGW News Story on Agape Blitz

KPTV News Story on Agape Village and Agape Blitz (From 2018)


Agape Blitz began in 2008 as a one day service project for the Portland community. Since it’s inception the Agape Church of Christ has partnered with local agencies, government service providers, schools, and businesses to bless our community. Theological Reflection; Joining Portland’s Night Strike; Having Fun and Strengthening Relationships

Agape Blitzhas morphed into a summer season of work projects. Since it’s beginning Agape Blitz has grown from 1 day to over 6 weeks of service and we hop e to expand to 6 weeks this summer. Due to the expansion of this ministry we are continuing to offer opportunities for outside groups to join this ministry and develop skills to bless their own communities

Many youth groups have found that local mission trips are preferable for youth/campus groups and adult mission teams. During Agape Blitz participants will balance work projects in Portland with ministry to those living on the streets, worship, and theological discussion. The intent of Agape Blitz is to empower groups to freely serve and develop local outreach plans for their own cities.

Church groups wishing to join us during this season of service are welcome to choose any available dates. Groups should plan to provide travel costs, and meals/food. Agape has availability for housing on the old Cascade College campus dormitories at a cost of $12.50/person per night.

Over the years Agape Blitz has rebuilt homes in a homeless camp, painted rooms for public schools,partnered with Adult Day Care centers, restored rooms and homes for local trafficking agencies, provided yard and playground work for abuse shelters and social service agencies, and helped to maintain many community gardens for public schools and community service providers. We have partnered with youth groups, Starbucks, the Timber’s Army, Portland Public Schools, and college campus organizations to give to our community. Through Agape Blitz other youth groups and churches have begun to serve in their own communities when returning home.

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You may also watch one of the our projects (partnering with Rose-Wood Initiative)  mural video.