Intimate Partner Violence Resources

The following resources are for research in addressing domestic abuse and the OCADSV conference in Sunriver, OR: Powerpoint Slides = “15 Years Later: Where Have We Come With Addressing IPV in Faith Communities?

***** Please do not distribute without permission (contact for permissions). Do you live in the Portland/Vancouver area and need help? The PDF below has a list of abuse resources in our area.t

intimate partner2019 Spring and Summer Trainings:

  • March 20 = Faith Based IPV “Digging Into the Text” PDF now available–Portland Central Nazarene
  • April 2: Misogyny and Sex Trafficking: Kells Irish Pub
  • April 13: Agape Village Fundraiser
  • April-May: Biblical Narrative Group for Survivors
  • June 2-16: Faith Based IPV Training in Cali, Colombia, South America
  • June 25: Northwest Justice Conference–Creating Safe and Sacred Spaces

Safe and Sacred Spaces Sermon Series

Agape Domestic Abuse  Ministry Website AMFM Website for more reading Cycle of Abuse and Wheel Packet Articles on the Web:

Books by Ron Clark, Agape Church of Christ