The God of Second Chances Podcast

Are the ancient Biblical stories narratives of an angry God, violence, and judgment? Are they only an ancient historical document? Are they lists of rules, commandments, and traditions?

Or, are they a history of a God who loves people, offers them hope, and works with courageous men and women who accept the call to preach peace, mercy, and justice?

Join us for this series of short lessons from the ancient Biblical narrative of God’s people interacting with a world and culture that needs hope, love, and compassion. These 12-25 minute lessons are designed for English as Second Language speakers/listeners, those translating for other audiences, or anyone who is interested in a trip through the Bible. The series began March 2019 and will expand as the need arises.

All lessons are free of charge (except the basic app costs for the podcast platform).

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Download the most usable platform on your smartphone, computer, or tablet and join us as we Search for Hope in the Ancient Biblical Stories.