Evidence for Our Faith

faithWhat do we believe?

Is it valid today?

Is faith in God a pipe-dream or a reality that we embrace and follow?

This sermon series will ask the hard questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, and a relationship with the creator of the Universe–who is willing to be humiliated on the cross.

Join us February 7 for this series.

Feb 7 Does God Exist? (Not Recorded)
Feb 14 Is God Truly Love?
Feb 21 Is the Bible Reliable?
Feb 28 Is Jesus Lord?

Mar  6 Miracles of Jesus–Water to Wine
Mar 13 Miracles of Jesus–Feeding Thousands
Mar 20 Miracles of Jesus–Walking on Water
Mar 27 Miracles of Jesus–Raising the Dead–Faith Renewed

Apr 3 Miracles of Jesus–Engaging the Demons
Apr 10 Miracles of Jesus–Loving Enemies
Apr 17 Angels on High
Apr 24 Angels from Anaheim?


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