Faith Developing

What is Faith? Some suggest it is a belief, a feeling, something you know is there but can’t explain–“Faith is something I, just, have.” Others indicate that faith is simply an acknowledgement of a truth–“I acknowledge that Jesus is Lord, therefore I have faith.” Still others might suggest that faith is a conviction of something we do not see–“Faith is the conviction of things unseen…(Hebrews 11).”

  • If one has faith, what do we do with it?
  • Is it something we have as a pass to heaven?
  • Is it a feeling that keeps us going in tough times?
  • Is it a gift that we protect and keep from sharing?
  • Is it a valuable quality that we are afraid we might lose?

This sermon series discusses Faith as loyalty, trust, conviction, or an allegiance to Jesus Christ. How can we develop it to grow stronger, share it toward fruitfulness, and allow faith to guide us to become mature disciples of our Master? Join us in this series as we express “Faith Developing.”

August 5 = Faith Begins With Jesus

August 12 = On To Maturity

August 26 = Faith, Love, and Maturity