Losing Your Religion Finding Your Faith

Brett Hoover’s book, Losing Your Religion Finding Your Faith was a resource I used with incoming 
freshman classes when I taught at Cascade College. It was a great opportunity for my students to reflect on their beliefs and faith as they left home and explored their faith in Jesus in a new context. Likewise, it is always important for us to reflect on what we believe, what we have been taught, and where Jesus has called us. This “Back to the Basics” series will be an opportunity to reflect, refresh, and renew your faith. To further read on this series you can also purchase The Journey from Agape’s book page.

Jan 22: Losing Your Religion Finding Your Faith
Feb 5: Kevin Woods: Renovatus Church of Christ
Feb 12: Ross Graham: Its Not That Hard
Feb 19: Jesus is Lord
Feb 26: Can These Knees Bow?
Mar 5: Shawn Anderson: Dangerous Discipleship
Mar 12: What is a Disciple I?
Mar 19: What is a Disciple II?
Mar 26: What is a Disciple III?