He Chose the Nails

He Chose the Nails, the powerful book by author and minister Max Lucado will supplement our Easter series this year at Agape. Jesus was more than a Messiah. He was God in the flesh, the Son of God, and our Savior. Yet God chose the route of incarnation, friendship, justice, and death. God willingly came to our aid and lives so that we could be freed from sin, death, and slavery.

Today we live in a time that offers much and delivers little. As those of us who live in North America know, while we are one of the most technologically advanced cultures we continue to struggle with loneliness, depression, sadness, and general feelings of emptiness. Shame, guilt, and many times regret become companions to so many who live in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.” Life passes us quickly and reminds us that there must be something more–something beyond–someone who cares.

Easter is a time to not only celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but the choice he made to live among us, love us, and offer us hope. He promises life and delivers it–not because he is the Creator but because he lived life to its fullest and came back to show us a new life.

Jesus chose–you, us, and people to experience this joy, hope, and life eternal.

That is someone to hope in!

Sermons and Videos

April 1 = He Chose to Be One of Us   Video by Max Lucado
April 9 = He Chose to Forgive Us   Video 2 by Max Lucado
April 16 = He Chose to Invite Us Into His Presence (Easter Sunday) Video
April 23 = He Chose to Love Us Forever Video 4
April 30 = He Chose to Give Us Victory Video 5