Jesus Unleashed for Christmas

Luke’s narrative concerning Jesus was a story written to persuade a wealthy Roman patron, Theophilus, that the Christian movement was safe, real, and true. The Gospel offers insight into this movement which began with babies, women on the margins of life, and faithful leaders who sought to lead the people of Judah back to God. With the Roman Empire occupying this area of Palestine, the people had lost hope. Strangely, this hope came in the oddest of forms–a baby born in poverty who lived among those dependent upon God.

The 2019 Christmas season, while beginning later, is projected to rake in $3 trillion for corporations, merchants, and those depending on the holiday season to survive. Was this the reason for Christmas? Was the birth of the Messiah a day to remember, give, and get “stuff” or was it a sign that God offered hope. Is this the season of giving, or inspiring hope.

This is Why We Do Advent Conspiracy!  

Listen to our series this year from the perspectives of a rich patron,  a Christian trying to persuade him to follow a poor savior, and those of us reading the text anew.

Nov 17: Theophilus and the Modern Reader

Nov 24: Zechariah and Elizabeth–Kevin Woods, Renovatus Church of Christ

Dec 1: Mary

Dec 8: Mary and Elizabeth

Dec 15: Joseph, Mary, and the Shepherds