Name of Thrones

Name of Thrones: Empires of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles.

The nation of Israel asked for a king and got one. The history of the monarchy is filled with violence, power, oppression, suffering, pride, and above all–God’s tremendous patience. God’s name and honor were attached to the thrones throughout Israelite history. In these stories we observe God’s mercy, love, compassion, and patience with a people who “got what they wanted but didn’t want what they got!”

Today we review this history with wonder, awe, respect, curiosity, and sometimes angst. The national of Israel also reviewed this history as they returned from Persian captivity to rebuild their city. However, in the midst of the stories, ashes, and memory lived a God who continued to bless as well as men and women who rose up to call on the name of Yahweh. Who today rises up to call our communities to review our history through the eyes and heart of a patient, merciful, and honorable God?

Foreshadows of the Empire
Darkness in the Kingdom
First King
King, Poet, Shepherd
Wisdom and Riches
A Divided Kingdom
Two Lines–One Kingdom
Be Careful Who You Makes Friends With
A Funeral and A Fiesta
The Greatest King