PDX Parables

Parables of Jesus

Matthew’s Gospel contains many parables of Jesus. PDX Parables are those stories which offer hope, encouragement, and courage to many of us seeking to learn and uplift Jesus in a city listed as one of the highest Unaffiliated Church rates in the US. Jesus’ stories are simple and easy to read–yet they call us to endurance and discipleship–which is many times very difficult. Follow these sermons along with the study guides posted on the Agape Blog, designed for small groups, personal reflection and study, or prayer groups.

Sept 13: The Fruit of Discipleship  Post:
Sept 20: Living with Weed  Post:
Sept 27: Seeking Hidden Things  Post: Longing for Hidden Things
Oct 11: LOST in the Margins  Post:
Oct 18: Unforgiven Post:
Nov 1: Come to Work  Post:
Nov 8: A Tale of Two Sons (Allyn Bradley)  Post: Actors or Acters
Nov 15: Sheep, Goats, and The Judgment  Post: