Presence: Advent Conspiracy

God has continually been an ever-present reality since the creation of the World. God has also sought to be among those seeking salvation. During the Exodus God lived in a tent. During the reign of kings and world powers, God lived through the voice of the prophets. In the time of the Roman Emperor, Augustus—the “Father” who brought “World Peace” to all—God came as a baby, a child, a human. The arrival of this child reminded those in a fast paced world that God was with them.

This season Advent Conspiracy will share God’s Presence Among The Idols of Life. God’s presence is stronger than our presents, our fears, our idols, and all powers that challenge the throne of Jesus. God’s love fills the earth and upholds all governments, all powers, all languages, and all those seeking peace. As always we encourage everyone to give one gift less and offer the money saved in our Advent Conspiracy collection December 16, 23, December 30, and January 6. To view this year’s Advent Conspiracy video click here.

Sermons: God’s Presence Among the Idols of Life

November 25 = Black Friday/Good Friday
December 2 = The Promised Presence
December 9 = Smoke on the Water
December 16 = Deck the Walls
December 23 = A Tree Filled With Presence
December 30 = Someone Had an Epiphany