New Sermon Series Beginning September 11


Relationships! Sometimes they are a blessing. Other times not so much. As a people created for community, it seems difficult to live in one. While Christianity has periods of history and outstanding literature and songs written by those in monasteries and in isolation the truth is that we need community. Our believe is that Agape love, which is our name, is a sign of faithfulness in loving relationship.

Whether we are single, married, divorced, widowed, blended, family of origin, living at home, or living on another coast we (you and me) need community; and that means relationships.

Our Facebook status requires us to state if we are in a relationship or not. Yet, we are all in relationship.

We were created by God, the Us and We, who said, “Let Us make humans in Our image,” (Genesis 1). God is we. If Jesus led us to the Father then they are us. If the Spirit lives in Jesus and Us, then we are related, one, and community.

Yet relationships can be difficult. Sometimes they are fake. Sometimes they are painful. Other times they require work, boundaries, or courage. Yet, in the end relationships that are real can bring out the best in us and help us bring out the best in others.

This Fall please join us at Agape as we share “Realationships” at all stages of life. Whether you are married, dating, single, in a happy family or not so happy, or love being with people come share with us what real relationships can be.

Sept 11: Real-lationships: Created for Community
Sept 18: Created for Relationship
Sept 25: Until All Are Free–Freedom From Slavery Sunday
Oct 2: What is Love?
Oct 9: Loss and Relationships
Oct 16: The Marriage Table = Ron and Lori Clark
Oct 23: Family Builders = Ross and Pam Graham
Oct 30: Peace and Safety in the Home