What If?

What If?

Abraham was a man called out from a civilized world to follow a God he didn’t know, had never met, and who asked for complete devotion. In the ancient Babylonian culture where polytheism was common, following one God was not only risky, it was counter cultural. What if Abraham would have said no? What if?

What if Abraham would have said no? What if?

Abraham, like many of us, was plagued with “What if?” questions throughout his life. Yet he obeyed, trusted, and followed Yahweh God and changed the course of history. We also have “What if?” questions. We face an awesome call to follow a savior who asks for our complete devotion and promises to bless us and provide us with life. This series is a call for God’s people to live life to its fullest and devote their hearts fully to a God who offers life and mercy.



  1. The Blessing of Faithfulness
  2. The Relationship of Faithfulness, Allyn Bradley
  3. Sign of Faithfulness
  4. Proof of Faithfulness
  5. Relationship of Faithfulness
  6. Children of the Blessing (Luke 1)
  7. Justified by Blessing(Rom 4), Allyn Bradley
  8. Faithful Children of the Blessing (Gal 3)
  9. Authors of Faithfulness (James 2)