o   Agape is a church that is able to do ministry based upon the support of Agape people, the Portland community, and other donors. Currently staff are funded primarily by financial contributors who believe in the vision and mission of Agape Church of Christ. While a new church, Agape asks its attenders to contribute to our outreach, ministries, and small portions of staff salaries. However, since our vision and ministry has outpaced the church, outside funding allows us to continue to keep our focus on outreach and planting new churches. If you are visiting this page, you are interested in contributing to this ministry, a minister, or a ministry project. Below are links for the various needs at Agape. You may click the link below to find out more about online donations. Some links are not active yet. Please contact the email beside the name/ministry for more information and availability of the link. Thank you for your donation, prayers, and support.