Bible Verse (and Thought) for Today: Family-Worship-Background

“Be on your guard against the yeast (which is hypocrisy) of the Pharisees [the corrupt religious leaders of Jesus’ day]. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear or the inner rooms [including the bedroom] will be proclaimed from the roofs.” Jesus, Luke 12:1-3.

Could it be that Jesus/God is behind the recent release of names and information from the Ashley Madison hack? If God sent/allowed pagan Assyrians, Babylonians, and Egyptians to punish a people who committed adultery on their god and families, and mistreated vulnerable people–is it possible that God allows the open humiliation of those who have not only been unfaithful, but hidden this painful information from those who depend on them for love and support?

I’m not trying to wave a Westboro sign, but in the midst of the “don’t judge,” “point the finger at yourself,” and “all have sinned” comments–is it possible that God is bringing to light the dark secrets that we have ignored for so long. Without judging the motives of the hackers, is it possible that Jesus desires us to live open lives that cannot be judged? Maybe these unknown men and women should stay unnamed–because it doesn’t matter. We have asked “where is God?” and maybe now we should accept God’s presence and response.

I think about all of the prayers for this country to have good healthy marriages, our “fights for and focus on the family,” our railing against an ungodly nation, and our suggestions that “same sex marriage is an attack on the traditional family.”

Then this happens!

It’s kind of sobering isn’t it?

What is the real issue? What should we really be concerned about? What does God suggest our focus to be?

Remember–we have an election coming soon. What values do we want in a leader–a married leader?

Maybe Jesus has answered our prayers and is speaking about the dark things that are hurting our families. Lies, secrets, letting others teach us that a lifelong commitment to one person is old and outdated. Yeast and hypocrisy–at the religious leadership level and our government leaders. How many ministers I have known over the past few decades who not only had affairs, but hid them–and passive-aggressively put a gag order on staff and others. All in the name of grace, forgiveness, and mercy–but not in the name of repentance and open proclamation.

Sometimes we are like the Hank Hill Gang watching John Redcorn giving our friend’s wife “a massage,” turning our head, and saying, “yep.”

What is the message for the church? Are we going to respond to the true victims and call for honesty, integrity, justice, and honor in our marriages by helping the victims? This may involve helping them attain divorce lawyers and supporting them–suddenly our “no divorce stance” may have to be reevaluated. Or we may have to do the messy work of holding offenders accountable and calling for honesty openness (there is no shame in honesty). This will involve modeling healthy marriages and relationships–I can’t help men and women be sexually pure and faithful to their spouses if I am hiding dark secrets.

Even more, if I serve a God who sends people to proclaim what happens in the dark, shouldn’t I expect to live in the light?

If you are reading this and hiding a dark secret I pray you get help, live in the light, and validate those you are hurting–before God forces it to happen. If you are someone hurt by these secrets I pray that you also seek support, help, and counseling. It’s not your fault and you could not have prevented it. Dark rooms are not dark because we shut the door–they are dark because there is no light.

For those who have been praying for God to intervene, may we move forward with grace, justice, accountability, love, and mercy–most importantly for those who suffer from the sins of the dark side. May we also take an opportunity to thank God for being God and reminding us that the Creator sees, hears, and responds so that we can live to Jesus’ honor and glory.

Jehovah is faithful–and so are we!