Core Values

Core Values are basics, truths, and beliefs that drive a church. At Agape our core values define who we are, what we do, and who we become. Since we believe that God exists as Father, Son, and Spirit, we feel that our three core values not only reflect God’s nature, they reflect who we are.

Agape = This is the Greek word for unconditional love. In 1 John 4:8 John wrote that “God is Agape…” God loves all people unconditionally (Matthew 5:43-48). God loves us unconditionally. Therefore, we believe that we are called to also love others unconditionally. We also believe that spiritual maturity is manifested in this unconditional love for others.

Relationship = The Apostle John also wrote “The word became flesh and lived among us…” (John 1:14). We believe that Jesus is God in the flesh. While God previously lived in a temple and heaven, in Jesus he lived in a human body. While we don’t completely understand everything about this incarnation we understand that it was a manifestation of God’s agape. God did this to develop relationship with humans. Jesus was known as the “friend of tax collectors and sinners…” (Luke 7) because he spent so much time with them. At Agape our mission is to engage and live in our community–not withdraw from it. This core value calls us to develop relationships with those in a church as well as those choosing to not be part of a church.

Empowerment = In Romans 8:26 Paul tells us that “The Spirit helps us in our weakness…” The Spirit is God among us empowering us to become like God. While people can ignore the Spirit, grieve the Spirit, and quench the Spirit, we believe that God has called us to submit to and be led by the Spirit. This involves putting away sin, removing hinges that pull us from God, and drawing closer to Jesus. The Spirit also drives the church to preach the Gospel to all people. Therefore we go to all people in every place in order to share with them that God deeply loves them.

Core Values Sermons:
Agape Love = Ron Clark
Relationship = Allyn Bradley
Empowerment = Ron Clark

Core Values class is a class that meets in order to help people learn about how we at Agape try to integrate love, relationship, and empowerment in our church. Core Values class is a requirement to membership and leadership at Agape. If you are interested in learning more about our Core Values or joining our class please contact For more information on purchasing our Core Values book: Back to the Basics contact the office.

Core Values Lessons are available as MP3 downloads.