In February 2006 Lori and I attended our first Discovery Lab for Kairos Church Planting. On Easter Sunday March 2007 we, with team of 15 people, Kairos, and Park Plaza Church of Christ, launched Agape Church of Christ. Since then countless lives have been touched, people baptized, trainings in abuse and sexual assault, houseless individuals helped off the street, and people strengthened in their discipleship.
At the end of this month Agape will hold its last worship service downtown. With my transition to Director for Kairos it has become clear that our people may not have the energy to continue Agape in its current style of ministry. A group is forming to continue to meet and stay together while others have been encouraged to leave and lead/bless other congregations. It is bittersweet, there is sadness in leaving–but hope in what will happen with the people we know will continue to lead in other contexts.
Agape Blitz will continue this summer and we plan to offer our abuse trainings and small DV and SA groups as usual. There is still much to do and we know that my role with Kairos will continue to help many, many more people.
If you would love to send us a FB message, memory, or join us Feb 23, all are welcome. We are looking for this day to be a time to celebrate what God has done over the past 13 years. It has been a wonderful experience and we know that Jesus has prepared us for much, much more.
“The harvest is abundant but the workers are few. Beg the Lord of the harvest to cast out workers into his harvest…” Luke 10:2
Thank you for your love, support, prayers, and encouragement over the years.