Advent Conspiracy

This season Advent Conspiracy will discuss Jesus Unleashed for Christmas. Luke’s Gospel offers a unique perspective of a homeless Messiah in order to persuade the wealthy Roman patron, Theophilus. Listen to our series this year from the perspectives of a rich patron,  a Christian trying to persuade him to follow a poor savior, and those of us reading the text anew.

The 2019 Christmas season, while beginning later, is projected to rake in $3 trillion for corporations, merchants, and those depending on the holiday season to survive. Was this the reason for Christmas? Was the birth of the Messiah a day to remember, give, and get “stuff” or was it a sign that God offered hope. Is this the season of giving, or inspiring hope.

As always we encourage everyone to give one gift less and offer the money saved in our Advent Conspiracy collection during December.

Our 2018 Collection (along with that collected from a church in Montana) has recently supplied a school community in Zambia with a new well. This well provides water to over 780 men, women, and school children.

AdLiving Water Logovent Conspiracy began in 2006. It is an effort from God’s people to enter the story of Jesus coming among us to teach us that the kingdom of Herod/Rome is an illusion. Americans spend $450 billion at Christmas. $10 billion would solve the world’s water shortage. At Agape we encourage people to give less and make a donation to Living Water International. This ministry works in numerous countries, training up people in those countries to build water wells. $5,000 will build a brand new well and $3,000 will restore an existing well. Our goal is to work together as a family to give the gift of clean water to those in bondage. As of 2019 Agape has gathered over $36,000 for new water wells world-wide.

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We will also donate %25 of our contribution to the Gateway Domestic Violence Center in their outreach to women and children in abuse who need resources to be safe and self sustaining. Would you join us this year?” Update on Agape wells in India To learn more about Living Water International and their efforts to end the water crisis, visit

Thank You video to Agape from India.