At Agape we believe not only in relationships, but lasting relationships such as marriage. Marriage is a reflection of the covenant that God has with people, Jesus has with the church, and that exists in our our land between and man and woman. In a time when the divorce rate has risen to a high rate and when many couples decide to move together and live without a marriage covenant we feel very strongly about helping people find the true meaning of marriage, love, commitment, and sexual faithfulness. The Apostle Paul suggested that the great mystery of unity among a couple is found with Jesus and the church (Ephesians 5:32)

“However each one of you must love his wife as himself and each wife must respect their husband,” (Ephesians 5:33)

We offer monthly couples (married, dating, engaged) dinners to meet and grow spiritually with other couples. Information is posted in our monthly newsletter.

Gottman Marriage Retreat (by Ross and Pam Graham). This Saturday retreat in Kalama, WA is a time for couples to begin an ongoing mentoring and learning ministry designed to help them develop skills in communication, growing together as a couple, and becoming a healthier team. These sessions are open to married, engaged, or dating couples. The retreats are limited in numbers–sign up today. For more information contact Current Retreat Date is Fall, 2019.

Pre-marriage Counseling Online Work: This link is for couples in our pre-marriage ministry who are assigned this survey to complete. Go to this link and create a username and login name. You can begin to take the survey but please do it individually. Send all info to your pre-marriage ministry contact the username and login info and they will work with you as you complete the 4 stages.

New Resource for couples is now available.  Reflections from theThe Marriage Table Cover Marriage Table is a publication and workbook for couples wishing to grow in their relationships. Copies are available from the publisher or directly from the Authors at: