Elder Development

Emerging Elders = These seminars/lectures are presentations from the book Emerging Elders: Developing Shepherds in God’s Image, by Ron Clark. The demands of ministry and outreach require our ministers and evangelists to have help shepherding people. In order for churches to continue to grow and reach out to those who do not name Jesus as their Lord the ministers must keep their focus on outreach into the community. However, the needs of the church and those visiting require much of their time. Elders, bishops, pastors were appointed in the early church to work with ministers/evangelists to develop people to grow spiritually and practice ministry to the community.

Christian Chronicle article concerning elder development.

Emerging Elders: Abilene Christian University Summit Lectures. Click here. When iTunes is open search for Emerging Elders for the 3 lectures.

Emerging Elders Zoe Conference Powerpoint Narration:

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Emerging Elders available from Leafwood Publishing or Amazon.