The Engaging Men Project

Bridging Gaps

  • This video series was designed by Patrick Lemmon and Ron Clark. With the rise of domestic, sexual, and other forms of abuse in the United States continuing to grow females, males, and other vulnerable people have become victims at the hands of those who should provide support, protection, and encouragement. In addition to this males struggle to find out who they are, which culturally becomes a way to prove their masculinity by oppressing others, feminizing other males and children, and using humiliation as a method of proving their manhood. Unfortunately for all involved, a climate of suffering, shame, and guilt exist. Currently, 2/3 of those soliciting prostitution are married, have children, or are involved with family. How do we as men become strong fathers, partners/husbands, and better men by addressing our attitudes toward females, vulnerable others, and other males? These resources are designed to help you not only become a healthy male, but also are available for those whom we love who are hurt by our choices.

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