While some may suggest that this article is harsh, or the stepping down of leaders too extreme–it is important for leaders to not only strive for integrity in how we treat all humans (male and female) but to strive for justice. We should acknowledge failure and take appropriate measures. Dismissing victims’ testimonies carries both shame in our society as well as condemnation from God. Prov 21:13 “whoever shuts their ears to the cry of the poor [Hebrew also refers to humiliated or victim] will themselves cry out and not be heard.” We as leaders (especially male leaders) must realize that God holds us accountable for how we treat the vulnerable in our communities. We are NEVER called to side with the oppressors, we are expected to advocate for those who are potential targets of oppression. God heard the cries of the Hebrew slaves not the powerful Pharaoh. The Gospel of the “homeless Messiah” prepares us to oppose injustice among all people rather than occupy our time in sanitized offices, meetings, “theological reflection groups,” or “pub theology.” When Christianity becomes a “good old boys club” that covers sin we become enemies of God. We must strive for authenticity and integrity among our congregations. Then our communities will come to see and hear the Gospel of a risen Savior.

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